What do / don't you accept?

We accept a huge range of items. If you're selling Media, just type the barcode into our valuation engine or scan it using our mobile app. If we're buying the item, you'll receive an instant price.

Please be aware that we're not currently accepting the following Media items: CD singles, EPs, VHS, Vinyl, LPs, Cassettes, damaged or incomplete items, pirate copies or promo items that came free with a magazine or newspaper.

If you're selling LEGO®, please ensure that it's a genuine LEGO® product. We accept LEGO® orders from 0.5kg, so please weigh your LEGO® bricks before sending them into us.

If you're selling Tech, you can search for the item you wish to sell, select the correct model from the search results and choose the condition that matches your device. After that, you're good to go!

As our stock is constantly changing and updating, we would recommend searching our website for the item you are interested in selling to see if this is accepted, rather than enquiring directly.

If you are unable to locate the item, it means that we are not currently looking to purchase your item at this time. 


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