How do I sell LEGO®?

Simply gather all of the LEGO® pieces you own, put them in a bag and weigh it - kitchen scales should be fine unless you're selling a particularly large quantity.

You can sell any LEGO® bricks you own including mini-figures. We'll only accept authentic LEGO® pieces, so please don't send any Mega Bloks, K-NEX or related brands as we won't accept them and they will be recycled. 

We don't accept damaged LEGO® pieces either. Any LEGO® pieces found to be damaged will be deducted from the final weight of your order and may affect the final price you receive.

Round the weight to the nearest 0.5kg and enter the weight into our valuation engine for an instant price.

Pack your LEGO® into a box along with anything else you're selling and send it to us for FREE!

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