How can I contact you through Live Chat?

If you have a question, or can't find your answer in our Help Centre, you have the option to contact our Live Chat team through the help widget. Our help widget will display on the bottom right hand corner of any of our web pages.

This is what our help widget looks like. 


Clicking on the widget will open a search box with dynamic FAQ articles based on the web page you're currently on. You'll be offered 3 suggested articles at any time. 


If the suggested articles don't help to answer your question. You're welcome to search for any FAQs using the search bar at the top. For example, if you've chosen to send your order with Hermes and have a related question, simply type "hermes" into the search bar and a number of related FAQs will be available for you to browse.


If you're still unable to find your answer at this stage, the Live Chat option will become available to you. Simply click the "live chat" option, fill out your name, email address and question to proceed.


Once you're finished, click "start chat" and you'll be connected to the next available member of our Customer Service team.

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