How can I use the SMARTDrop kiosk?

Our SMARTDrop kiosks are the newest, easiest, and more sustainable way to sell your phone and get paid instantly! We've partnered with ASDA, so you'll find our kiosk units in their stores nationwide.

You will be offered our SMARTDrop kiosk option at the checkout stage if your order meets the requirements, including whether we are currently accepting the device at our SMARTDrop Kiosk, and your distance from the nearest Kiosk. 

If you select the SMARTDrop Kiosk Option, a small fee will be deducted from your offer. This is a faster, more convenient method of selling your item, and payment is instant. 

Once you've completed your order, we'll email you a QR code contained within your Pack & Send Guide. Simply take your QR code to your nearest kiosk (we'll let you know the address of the nearest one) and scan it when prompted. This will identify the details of your order and display them on the screen.

Once you've done that, simply follow the on-screen directions to sell your phone and get paid, hassle free!

How long does the process take?

Overall, the process of using a SMARTDrop Kiosk should take around 5-10 minutes to complete. This is because our technicians need time to assess the device. Payment should be received instantly once the order is completed. 

What if I want to send my item to you to be assessed in person? 

If you'd like to send us your phone instead to be assessed in-house, place your phone in a box and take it with your QR code to your nearest Post Office.

Please note, you cannot use an Asda label at a SMARTDrop Kiosk, these are to be used at the Asda ToYou machines. We would recommend asking a member of staff if you are struggling to find the correct machine for these labels. 

Please note, all accessories, including screen protectors and phone cases will need to be removed when using our SMARTDrop Kiosk. If the item is assessed with these accessories present, you may need to remove them and start again.


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