❗ Fused Proposition - UPGRADE 21


Upgrade the smart way! 🧠

Shop and trade-in with musicMagpie to get up to £60 extra*!

As well as making your upgrade cheaper, trading in your unwanted Tech helps reduce e-waste and cut your carbon footprint. It’s smart for you… smart for the planet! 

*Capped at a maximum bonus of £30 when using UPGRADE21. The code cannot be used when selling a phone via the SMARTDrop Kiosk.

👉 Do I need to use the code UPGRADE21 to claim my extra cash? 

Yes, this offer is only available for use on trade-in orders using the code UPGRADE21 at the checkout:


This offer is valid between the 21st of September 2021 and the 20th of December 2021.

👉 When will I receive my extra cash? 

You’ll get 10% extra for your trade-in as soon as we’ve received your items and processed them at our warehouse. We will pay your additional bonus from purchasing or renting upon the completion of your 14-day ‘cooling-off ' period*.

We will pay all additional trade-in values to the bank account or PayPal details listed on your musicMagpie account, so please make sure they are correct!

* 14-day ‘cooling-off ' period begins when you have received your item and not before.

👉 Can I get an additional extra cash bonus on every trade-in I make? 

No, we will calculate your additional cash bonus based on the total value of the trade-in you made using the code UPGRADE21. Any subsequent trade-ins made before the 21st of September will not count towards your bonus. 

👉 Do I need to trade in my items and shop using the same account? 

Yes. Our system will match your trade-in order to your rental or purchase, so please make sure to use the same account.

👉 When do I need to complete a trade-in or purchase/rent to claim my bonus? 

You’ll need to complete your trade-in and purchase within 14 days of each other. If you don’t, we won’t be able to pay your additional cash. You will also need to complete your trade-in and purchase within the promotional period: 21st September 2021 - 20th of December 2021.


👉 Can I claim more than one extra cash bonus?

Yes, you can stack the bonuses if you rent or purchase more than one item. So if you decide to rent a phone then purchase a refurbished console, you’ll receive the 10% extra for your rental as well as 5% extra for your refurbished purchase. 

However, you can’t stack bonuses if you purchase two items. Your extra bonus will be capped at £15.

👉 Can you give me an example of how the offer works? 

Let’s say you want to trade in your current iPhone and then rent a new iPhone to replace it. Here's how the process works:

1️⃣ Trade-in your iPhone for £270 and use the code UPGRADE21 at the checkout to get an extra 10% of your iPhone's value. In this example, you'd get an extra £27.

2️⃣ Rent a new iPhone and get an additional 10% extra bonus on your original trade-in value of £270 - that’s another £27.

3️⃣ For your iPhone trade-in order, we'll send your payment plus your original 10% extra when your item has passed our quality assessment checks*.

4️⃣ We’ll pay your bonus for renting with us after the 14-day cooling-off period has elapsed to the same bank or PayPal details saved on your musicMagpie account.

💸 In total, you'll have received £54 extra - £27 from your trade-in and a further £27 for renting with us.

❗ Don’t forget: you can choose to buy or rent from us first then trade-in if you prefer - you will still receive the same bonuses as long as you use the code UPGRADE21 when completing your trade-in.

👉 What happens to my 10% bonus if my original valuation is revised?

Using the above example, if your original iPhone valuation of £270 is revised to £150, your 10% bonus will also be revised in line with the revised valuation of the iPhone. In this case, it'll be revised to £15 extra rather than the original £27.

If you accept the revised offer of £150, we'll pay you an extra 10% of that, with the total payment being £165.

If you decline the revised offer of £150, we'll send your item back for free and will not make any payment.

Please note: all valuations used in the above examples are used as a guideline only and are not reflective of actual price valuations.

👉 Is there a cap on the amount of extra money I can get using the UPGRADE21 code on my trade-in?

Yes. There is a maximum cap of £30. If your item is valued at £350, you'll reach the 10% cap, meaning you'll receive £30 extra.

👉 What information do I need to provide if I need to contact Customer Services?

If you need to contact Customer Services, please use your 7 digit trade-in order number as a reference.

❗ For further details, please see the Terms and Conditions of the fused proposition. 


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