In what condition are you likely to accept Media items?

Generally speaking we’re after items that are in a good condition. We believe this means that the discs are functional, the artwork undamaged and the item is in a case. For LEGO®, we can only accept genuine products. We can appreciate that these are used items so we account for general wear and tear. For an extensive list of media conditions that we'd reject, see below:

-       The original disc is missing.

-       The disc doesn’t match the cover and/or sleeve notes.

-       The disc, cover art or sleeve notes are irretrievably damaged.

-       The cover and/or sleeve notes are missing.

-       We suspect the item is non-original, fake or pirated. We take this very seriously and reserve the right to escalate further action in this instance.

-       The barcode or ISBN number on the item doesn’t match the barcode or ISBN number you entered on our site.

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