Where can I find the SMARTDrop Kiosk?

The majority of our SMARTDrop Kiosks are located inside Asda stores. 

A full list of our current locations can be found on our website here. 

Our Kiosks will say "musicMagpie" on them, and will often be found close to the entrance, or Customer Service Desk. 
If you are unable to locate the Kiosk at your preferred Asda Store, we would recommend asking a member of staff, to direct you to this. 
Asda stores also have ToYou machines which can be used to send parcels, however we do not accept parcels sent from these machines. These will not have our Logo present, so be careful not to get the two machines confused.*


*Please note, orders placed after 18th October 2023 no longer offer Asda ToYou as a sending option


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