How do I remove a Samsung account from my device?

If you'd like to sell a Samsung device you'll need to remove your Samsung account before sending it to us.
Removing your Samsung account is easy, and can be done either directly from your device or by logging into Samsung's website.
Below are some instructions on how to remove your Samsung account directly from the device you wish to sell:
  1. On your device tap the Apps icon
  2. Open Settings
  3. Select Accounts
  4. Select Samsung Account
  5. Select your email address
  6. Tap More in the top right hand corner and select Remove Account
  7. Tap Remove Account
  8. Enter your password and then confirm9. Select Remove Account
Your Samsung account will now be removed from your device.
It's important to remember to remove your Samsung account before selling your device. We can't process any order containing Tech items that are locked to a Samsung account, which will delay any payments.
If we receive a Tech item that's locked to a Samsung account, we'll return the device to you so you can remove the account. 
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