Is the price quoted the value I will get?

Once we receive your Tech order, the package will undergo a brief visual inspection during unboxing. It'll then be sent to our team of quality assessment technicians who will check the device for physical damage as well as extensively test the general functionality according to the condition you selected. If accepted, we'll process your payment at the quoted price.

If our quality assessment team find the device to be in a different condition to what you've stated then we'll offer you a revised price. We'll send you a breakdown of the reasons for the revised offer by email, where you'll have up to 14 days to either accept or decline. You can accept or decline the revised price from My Account.

In the same way as Tech orders, all Media items such as DVDs, CDs, Blu-rays, games and books are quality checked. It'll include examinations for scratches that stop discs from playing properly; having a full set of sleeve notes and ensuring the case isn't badly damaged. If you're unsure that your items will pass our quality control, you can still send them in if you'd like to. If any individual Media items valued at £15 and under are rejected, we won't be able to return them.

You can find further information regarding the quality assessment process in our Terms and Conditions.



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