How will my phone be quality assessed at the SMARTDrop kiosk?

Quality Assessments are quick and easy to carry out at our SMARTDrop kiosks! 

Each SMARTDrop kiosk is equipped with four high-quality cameras that will be used to inspect your phone.

Once you've placed your phone into the kiosk, four different checks will be carried out:

- A Device Check - this will verify the make and model of your phone.
- A Security Check - this will check your phone's IMEI number against the CheckMEND register.
- An Account Lock Check - we'll check if your phone is locked to your iCloud or Android account.
- A Condition Check - we'll verify that the condition matches that which you chose when placing your order.

Each check will display a green tick once it has successfully been completed.

If all of the checks are successful, we'll pay you the original valuation offered to you.

If your phone fails any of the checks, we'll either offer you a revised price which you can accept or decline at the kiosk, advise you to contact CheckMEND, or provide you with some instructions on how to unlock your phone.


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